Vertical Storage System

At Impression, we recognise the needs of our customer to store maximum possible material in minimum possible. Our Vertical Storage Tower combines the following features:
1. Improve space utilization
2. Free up productive workspace
3. Reduce manual intervention by automating material handling to and from the Tower
4. Provides a built-in Store management system thereby eliminating tedious retrieval process associated with traditional storage systems.

Our systems have the possibility to use latest industry 4.0 based smart systems to integrate with MRP/ERP/WMS system and create a environment where the management can have a total monitoring and control capability on the existing material on the premises.


Features of our Vertical storage system

  •  Can be customized so that system is capable to accommodate different size of goods.
  •  High payload capacity storage system.
  •  Bi-directional push and pull mechanism mounted on a vertical lift for fast storage and retrieval of pallets.
  •  Chain type lifting mechanism for safe and stable lift. Lifting mechanism provided with safety chain locking mechanism in case of chain failure.
  •  Sophisticated control system for pallet calling and storage.
  •  Load cell with display for operator ease and avoid overloading of the system while manual loading of pallet.
  •  Smooth and noiseless process

System specifications (to be hyperlink associated with above models)

1. System footprint – 8250mm x 4400mm x 6000mm
2. Storage capacity – 15 pallets to 20 pallets
3. Storage capacity per each pallet – 1.5 Tons / 2 Tons / 3 Tons / 5 Tons. ( as per model)
4. Total storage capacity – 30 tons 75 tons ( as per model)
5. Connectivity – WMS/ SAP
6. Power – 415V A/c
7. Environment – Indoor

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