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Automated Production Line

Impression Systems’ innovative solutions for automated production line includes the transfer of component from station to station, pick and place, manipulation, stacking & de-stacking, inspection, and testing.

Our automation solutions strength lies in adapting to diverse industrial Indian cities like Pune. Depending on the Customer specific technical requirements, our solutions are designed to automate the customers production process and consists of conveyor systems (Slat Conveyors, Roller conveyors, Power & free Roller Conveyors), Manipulators (Turntables, Tilters, Lifters) Robotic integration, production monitoring systems, Controls & Software, integrating the line with customers ERP system

Automated Production Line Helps Indian Manufacturers and Suppliers Alike:

An automated production line incorporates a series of workstations linked by a transfer system and an electrical control system. Each station performs a specific operation and the product is processed in steps as it moves along the line in predefined production order.

The automated production line is a fixed-routing manufacturing system that consists of multiple workstations combined together by a material handling system to transfer jobs from one station to the next station. The slowest workstation sets the speed of the production line.

Automated production line includes two types of transfer lines:

Work part transfer:
  •  Palletized transfer line : Uses pallet fixtures to hold and move work parts between stations
  •  Free transfer line : Part geometry allows transfer without pallet fixtures

Automated production line solutions result in the direct and indirect benefits to the manufacturers & suppliers:

  •  A notable increase in productivity based on the volume & magnitude of the automated production line in manufacturing processes.
  •  Reduces manpower cost by automating the repetitive tasks that earlier required more labour.
  •  Automated production lines cut the human interventions from repetitive tasks enhancing accuracy & consistency which improves the quality & output of production processes.
  •  Reduction in labour interaction decreases the unsafe contact with machinery thus increases safety.

Billet Handling System

  • Buffer Conveyor -20T
  • Bar feeder conveyor – 5T
  • Billet stacking system
  • PLC based
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