Turn Over Devices

Turn over devices (commonly referred to as TOD) are equipment which usually facilitate one or more combination of different movements like Lifting, Tilting and Turning for components to make various manufacturing processes like Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Machining, Assembly, Painting etc more accessible for both humans, robot and machine alike. These devices can be controlled automatically or manually based on level of automation desired by the user. Manual operation of these equipment is feasible by use of Radio(wireless) remote, fixed operator interface like HMI, Push buttons etc. TOD’s can also be programmed to follow any predefined motion sequence as desired by the user depending the application by using a PLC system. For robotic applications, The various axes of the TOD have to be programmed for precise positioning and servomotor is used to achieve the desired positioning. We at Impression systems have supplied TOD’s with capacity ranging from 2 Tons to 30 Tons to various business segments like construction equipment’s industry for Excavator manufacturing & assembly to Heavy engineering industry to automobile.

Features of our Turnover devices:

1. Multiple option depending on customer requirement available namely,

  •    Double Column TOD
  •    Cantilever TOD
  •    Belt type TOD

2. Capacity of the TOD can be customized depending on the requirement.
3. Clamping system can be customized depending on the component and process requirement (like Assembly, welding etc).
4. Can be integrated with other automation solution like conveyor, trolleys, AGV and other to improve productivity.

Tata Vd Lift


Volvo Tod Single Arm


Mahindra Toh With Belt

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