Automatic Loading Dock


Our Automatic Loading Dock is designed to pick up material from the production lines, buffer the material and push the entire buffer into the truck automatically. In case an Unloading dock is desired, we design the system to unload the truck/ container automatically, separate the individual pallets and deliver the pallets to ASRS for storage.

The products so loaded are identified using RFID tags, barcode scanners or by simply communicating with customer’s ERP or WMS and generate the invoice automatically.The products so loaded are identified using RFID tags, barcode scanners or by simply communicating with customer’s ERP or WMS and generate the invoice automatically.

Our systems have the possibility to use latest industry 4.0 based smart systems to integrate with MRP/ERP/WMS system and create a environment where the management can have a total monitoring and control capability on the existing material on the premises.

The ALD is usually operated together in combination with many other systems like turntables, cross-transfers, lifter etc depending on the requirement to achieve the desired results. We at Impression systems have designed the system inline with this requirement to load palletized goods in a container as such.

Our ALD system typically consist of the following elements:

1. Conveyor lines – to transfer FG from production line to shipping area. Products from multiple lines can also be sent to shipping area by the way of intelligent manoeuvring.
2. Lifters – depending on the customer layout, in case necessary, lifters can be incorporated to take care of the height difference at the loading and production area.
3. Turn tables – Used to ensure proper orientation of the pallet at the loading area as well as when the pallet is being transferred on the conveyor lines.
4. Buffer conveyor – a typical part of the ALD as the name suggest which is used to buffer the goods received from the production line and ready the same so that it can be loaded in container in one shot.
5. Loading Dock – The system which takes the goods from the buffer conveyor, loads the FG in the container and retracts back once the activity is complete.

Features of our ALD’s:

  •  Can be used for Loading and unloading both with little modification in the delivery trucks.Suitable for transfer of goods from production line to warehouse/storage/DC.
  • Can be used for loading (only) of market trucks without any customization in the containers. PATENTED
  • Can be used for both loading of container with pre-defined variations in width, lengths and
    heights. PATENTED
  • PLC based central control system for easy operation. System can be operated with minimum supervision.
  •  Can be linked to existing ERP / WMS system for generate invoice once goods are loaded in the container.
  • Additional safety features like Engine cut-off system while loading can be provided.
  • Additional safety features like Truck guide system can be provided.
  • Container locking arrangement to avoid lowering of container while loading can be


1. Capacity – 30 Tons
2. Nos of pallets loaded – 24 Nos
3. Weight of each individual pallet – 1.2 Tons
4. Dimensions of each pallet – 1200mm x 1000mm
5. Loading time – under 4 min for 40 ft container.

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