About us

About Us

Automation is the future and need of manufacturing industry. Ever increasing cost of skilled workforce, increased demand from consumers, need for highly repetitive manufacturing accuracy and most importantly the increasingly competitive market conditions has made manufacturing industry to shift from conventional approach of manpower-based manufacturing activity to use of automated manufacturing systems and machines.

A major area which conventionally make use of a large number of manpower is transfer of components from one place to another, positioning of components at desired location accurately in proper orientation and in proper sequence for various manual, automatic or semi-automatic processes. This is especially true when it comes to handling of heavy components which are extremely difficult to manipulate due to their weight and/or size.

Since its inception in the year 2005, Impression Systems & Engineers Pvt Ltd have continuously moved forward with the goal of being a leading supplier of products and manufacturing lines in the field of Heavy material handling systems and Process automation. Our products  are used by a wide range of business segments like Food and Beverages, Automotive, Heavy fabrication industry, shipyards, Construction equipment, Wind & Power, Transportation machinery (like metro and diesel locomotives) have helped us realize our goal.

Many revolutionary automated products and systems developed by us which extends in the field of assembly and manufacturing lines, transfer systems, storage solutions, logistics automation with innovation at the heart of our every product and focus on quality have ensured us repetitive business from our existing clients with new customers being added every year.

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