Assembly Automation Lines

At Impression Systems, our experts work closely with the customer to suggest how material flow can be optimized with an objective to reduce manual handling and automate the material handling process to the maximum extent possible.

Our Assembly/ Production lines are designed with a view to achieve the following objectives:

1. Achieve a lean layout
2. Minimize the number of assembly stations
3. Provide assembly tools
4. Plan flow of components to be assembled
5. Design the system to achieve the required cycle time
6. Manipulation of components to ease the assembly process

The lines are built using a combination of Floor & Overhead Conveyors, Tilters, Turntables integrated together to assemble various components together. With our expertise, we can support you right from creating the floor plan to deciding the process that will ease the assembly process.

Our systems have the possibility to use latest industry 4.0 based smart systems to integrate
with MRP/ERP/WMS system and create a environment where the management can have a total
monitoring and control capability on the existing material on the premises.

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