Chain Conveyors

Impression Systems has been a pioneer of chain conveyors manufacturer in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We design and manufacture excellent and robust chain conveyors with the help of a trolley to move heavy loads on the plant floor, which is pushed by a chain. Since we have incepted in this market, we are willingly involved in the realm of offering precisely made Conveyor Chain.


Why Choose Us?

We are supplying custom made chain conveyors from various industries to help our customers in their material handling and layout needs. We offer wide range of Chain Conveyor. We have a wide range of solutions for each of the industries. Our engineers are well versed in the optimization process and can suggest you the best machines for your needs. Being the leading chain conveyor manufacturer, we provide chain conveyors with varying profiles ranging from horizontal to nearly-vertical degrees.

Best Chain Conveyors manufacturer in India:

We are specialized in the manufacturer of Chain Conveyors. Chain conveyors use steel chains. The job has to be placed on a pallet that runs on these chains. Heavy jobs can be conveyed on chain conveyors. Therefore chain conveyors are widely used in all industries. Chain conveyors are very convenient to use in complex assembly lines. Chain conveyorsare used in horizontal bulk materials for abrasive and hot materials that cannot be handled by belt conveyors.

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Chain Conveyors Specifications:

We are the best supplier & manufacturer of Chain conveyors in Pune, India.
  1. Type : Chain Conveyors
  2. Capacity : Up to 100 T
  3. Size : Up to 24 Mtrs width
  4. Roller dia : Up to 30 Mtrs. length
  5. Brand : Impression Systems
  6. Uses : For loading & transfer Materials.

Application Areas:

We supply our strong chain conveyors in the below various Industries:
  1. Cement industry
  2. Food industry
  3. Chemical industry
  4. Power industry
  5. Steel industry
  6. Paper industry

Silent Features of Chain Conveyor:

  1. The chain track can be installed in the floor or can be dismantled to avoid extensive civilian tasks.
  2. With this type of conveyor, you get an economical solution for moving heavy loads such as transmissions, engines, compressors, chassis, differentials, etc. from 2MT to 12MT.
  3. The conveyor can be closed loop with trolley return or open loop with manual trolley return.
  4. These conveyors are suitable for working in heavy duty industries and rugged waypoints.